Update Version 4.1.3

In this update, you can call in care packages and store things off-shore with helicopters called in by radios that you craft. Yeah, pretty wicked awesome. Plus a few bugfixes but that's not the point.

To call in a care package you have to make a payment of 15 R$ for a low-quality crate, 30 R$ for a medium-quality crate, and 45 R$ for a high-quality crate. These care packages contain items that depend on what the quality of the crate is. For instance, if you choose to call in a low-quality crate, you get 1 high-quality item. But if you call in a high-quality crate, you get 4 high-quality items.

To store rare items you find off-shore, you simply click the button below the care package button that says "Off-shore Storage", make a PIN for your off-shore crate, and call for it. Once the chopper gets to your location (make sure you're in an open space or on a roof), you then click your crate and deposit your items from your inventory into the crate. You can also give the PIN number to friends so they can take things from your crate as well (dun b selfish :3).

You can optionally buy two gamepasses, one that increases the off-shore crate's capacity to 20 instead of 10, and one that decreases the time you have to wait to call it in again from 30 minutes to 10.

Overall pretty awesome update, I'd love to see what else is in store for all of us in the future!

Post what you think of the update below!