Inventions are innovative devices made from foragable items. They serve a unique purpose that is otherwise not seen in the game.

Riot Shield Edit

The Riot Shield is an invention that protects you against zombies, but renders you useless for climbing ladders and stairs. To create a Riot Shield, craft a survival pack (You get four survival packs from each craft), smelt six glass, and piece the Riot Shield together on either arm (preferably left, because it angles better) You can place a survival pack on your back for extra protection, but this is optional. The device angles on your arm while holding a gun, providing frontal protection from incoming bullet fire on weak points such as the head. Exceptionally good when combined with a Bulletproof Vest.

In Combat Edit

This invention works moderately well in combat, except for the fact you have to aim with the right mouse button every time to shoot a gun. However, the extra protection may be worth it, because the shield never breaks. Be aware that someone might drag or eat the survival packs, but this costs valuable time that would rather not be wasted.

Zombies Edit

Against zombies you still have the problem that you might be hit by the zombie's arm, but you do get the added protection as stated above.

Players Edit

Against players you have an extreme advantage over them. If they wield a 870 MCS, it is nearly impossible to get a shot from the front. However, if the are behind you and fire at point blank, unless you have the extra survival pack on, you will take massive damage. The only time you're vulnerable from the front of you is when you aim to fire,

Counters Edit

Accuracy is what you want when fighting someone who has this. A LAZ, AWP, Golden AWP, GOR Sniper Magnum, M200 Intervention, Scoped Rifle, Rifle, or Pistol will probably do the job, but the scopes on the LAZ, AWP, Golden AWP and Scoped Rifle may be hard to aim with, so a Rifle is your best bet, Pistol being second-best. An 870 MCS, AK-47 and M4A1 stand little to no chance against it.

Shelf Edit

  1. Gather 2 Stock Wood.
  2. Place stock wood horizontally on the wall.
  3. Due to the weld property the Stock Wood has, it will be able to stick to the wall.
  4. Decorate the shelf with the items you like.

NOTE: This is worse then a Warehouse, only use when Warehouse is not present in base.

Convenience: Not so great, easy to steal, Stock Wood and Items.

Size: Balanced.