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Welcome to the Roblox: Survival Apocalypse WikiEdit


This is me, max767. Im a pretty sharp looking guy. If you see me around, make sure to give me all your money as i carry a Trench warfare shotgun on me at all times.

Survival Apocalypse is a free game by Garnold on Roblox.

The game sets off by putting you in the middle of a zombie apocalypse and tests you're wits to survive.

My Roblox username is max767. If you would like to add me go right ahead! Im usually a nice guy, unless you dont follow the rules or question my power, as i am a robot from the distant future.

If you want to contribute to the wikia, please follow these rules:

1: Edit any EXISTING page if you feel the need to add something

2: If you see something is missing, either contact me or add the necessary page.

3: Have fun :3

What to expect from this wikiaEdit

There may be 1 or 2 other S:A (Survival: Apocalypse) wikias, but i would really like to make this one of the most informing out of all of them. This is my first wikia, but i plan on adding everything i can to it. I might make a survival 303 wikia aswell, but that will be decided on the feedback given to this wikia.

Latest activityEdit

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